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Jorge R. López Benito

Hi there! My name is Jorge and I'm a tech entrepreneur passionate about "Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality"

I’ve founded 3 startups, I’m co-author of 3 books, 1 patent and more than 30 publications on technological innovation on Interactive Technologies with +10 years researching and building Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) products.

I love researching new ways to provide innovative solutions applied to industry, education and eHealth through exponential technologies. I've wide experience in consultancy and project management, including FP7 & H2020, and I'm specialized in managing multiple and large projects with several teams, focused on delivering results.

I'm involved in cool projects such as: "AugmentedHospital! HoloDeck4D", a 4D Holographic Desk (patent) with a 3D software viewer for Oncological Diagnosis in PET/TC Nuclear Medicine; "AugmentedClass!" a revolutionary educational environment in Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies for educational contents; or "Stories of Tomorrow! Students Visions on the Future of Space Exploration", a R&D project funded by the European Commission, involving 15 partners from 10 countries, where the concept of storytelling is used as a catalyst for the effective interaction between Art and STEM disciplines (STEAM) through Augmented and Virtual reality technologies.

My personal project is: "STEAM Foundation". Do you wanna help me?

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More about Me?


CreativiTIC Innova | Co-Founder & CEO
APR 2011 - present

SME with experience in R&D EU programs and specialized in empowering the human development through Interactive Technologies such as Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality combined with Deep Learning and Artificial Inteligence.

AugmentedClass! | Business Development
NOV 2014 - present

A revolutionary educational environment in Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies to create educational contents doing yourself!

Startup Europe Week | Co-Organizer
APR 2016 - present

Startup Europe Week is an initiative implemented by SEW and promoted by the European Commission and Startup Europe.

RiojaValley | Promoter
JAN 2017 - present

An exclusive gourmet network to promote Rioja's Products, Brands and Wines, creating and pairing experiences worldwide abroad.

Consultancy & Training

European Commision | Independent Expert
MAY 2018 - present

Independent Expert and Key Innovator on Interactive Technologies, Augmented Reality and Deep Learning Technologies by European Commision (Digital for Culture and Education / DG Connect).

CreativiLAB Venture Builder | Facilitator & Mentor
JAN 2014 - present

We train and mentor entrepreneurs to explore and validate startup ventures, aiding teams to create and develop ready-to-launch startup projects.

GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group) | Council Member
NOV 2015 - present

Council Member and Expert Consultant for Emerging Technologies in Augmented and Virtual Reality.

STEAM Foundation | Booster & Catalyst
JAN 2018 - present

We promote STEAM values ​in education and support vocational actions to inspire girls in science and technology.



"Chapter Books, Journals, Articles, Conference Papers and Patents"
(For futher information please visit my ResearchGate page)

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+34 629 443386

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."​ Arthur C. Clarke, "Profiles of The Future"​
1961 Clarke's 3rd law